Forward to the Past – Out Now!


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Developer: Sloany Soft
Publisher: Phoenix Ware
System: ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Media: Tape

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The year is 2021, and thanks to AGD & his son Nate, Dave Sloan has fulfilled a childhood ambition to make a game for the ZX Spectrum.
He longs to go back to the 80s so he can give his younger self the tools to make some fun little Speccy platform games, so he sets about building a time machine.

The fabric of time is not something to be trifled with however and Dave being Dave, the time machine goes a little wonky.
Due to a misunderstanding relating to the metric system, Dave & Nate get sucked into the time vortex and for reasons unknown the only thing that will save them is collecting 42 Maguffinanium crystals.

This is where you come in, can you save our intrepid duo and prevent an irreparable tear in the space-time continuum?


Design/Graphics/Music/Loading Screen by Dave Sloan & Nate Sloan
Developed using Jonathan Cauldwell’s MPAGD
Cover Illustration by Ric Lumb
Addition Art by Jamie Battison & Darren Doyle
Playtesting: Peter Mulholland
Huge thanks everyone on the MPAGD fourms who have helped by answering our stupid questions, too many to mention

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