About Us…

Phoenix Ware is a subsidiary of Bitmap Soft, imagine Psygnosis and Psyclapse, ok we are not anywhere in that league but you get the point.

The aim of Phoenix Ware is to release compilations, budget titles, and some other wonderful game-related things we have not even imagined yet.

The style and feel of this label will be very much with an 80’s vibe, the games will all come with a templated design like those from The Hit Squad publisher BITD.

We currently support the VIC20, CPlus/4, C64, ZX Spectrum 48k/128k, and the Commodore Amiga range of computers.

All sales are split after costs between the developer and ourselves, we are not for profit and will be re-investing back into the software house to increase our output and hopefully be able to publish games for other systems.

If you’ve written a game, hold the rights to a classic game that you created back in the day, or perhaps you’re thinking of writing one, then maybe we can help you out. After all – you’ve got nothing to lose, as we will take on all the risk plus you keep hold of the rights to the game.

Want to contact us? Email us here, or contact us via Twitter.