Phoenix Ware expands into Distribution

Phoenix Ware is pleased to announce that we are expanding operations to include the distribution of physical game titles from other software publishers.

The RELEASE/SKU Code for these releases will be PWD00 the zero being the number of that release, these games will be part published as we will produce some of the assets ourselves.

To kick things off, Phoenix Ware will be partnering with Second Dimension to provide two great Sega MegaDrive/Genesis via its online shop:

* Handy Harvy – an arcade action game that draws inspiration from titles such as Fix-It-Felix Jr, Donkey Kong and Wrecking Crew but takes the action all the way to the next level.

* Curse of Illmore Bay – A fantastic horizontal scrolling action platform game that will take you through six different levels each with its own monsters and bosses, with tons of items to collect and powerful abilities to acquire.

Phoenix Ware will be seeking to make additional distribution deals with other software publishers over the upcoming months as we look to extend our online shop’s footprint. By partnering with fellow publishers, we hope to make the process of obtaining physical game titles easier and more affordable in the times of rising delivery costs and complex duty charges.

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