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  1. @hero_spectrum (verified owner)

    Spent a whole evening playing this, Just couldn’t put it down…fun, additive and playable…highly recommended

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  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Simon Toseland (verified owner)

    Excellent product, quick delivery

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  4. Neil Wright (verified owner)

    An amazing puzzle game with 50 fiendishly designed levels which will keep you playing for ages! Some great tunes accompany the levels (I would say that – I composed them😉) and it has that ‘just one more go’ thing in abundance! Superbly presented with a wonderfully designed cover and load screen. A fantastic product and service from Phoenix Ware! Very, very happy!

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  5. Anthony Underwood (verified owner)

    What a great puzzle game. I’m hopeless at these types of games but I certainly enjoyed what I have seen so far. Highly recommended if you want to tax your brain.

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  6. wayne robbins (verified owner)

    RETRO ROBBINS SHOW great game a must have in your collection ,and brilliat AY that makes the game …

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  7. wayne robbins (verified owner)

    great game ,very good AY sounds as well a must have … RETRO ROBBINS SHOW

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  8. Justin Bennett (verified owner)

    Great game…package art work great as always and swift dispatch of item on ordering definitely recommend

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  9. Marcus A. (verified owner)

    Tip top game , great price, speedy delivery, everything you could want off a great seller.

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  10. Wayne W. (verified owner)

    Brilliant Game – Geir Straume is a C64 Genius !!! :->

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