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Developer: Tedtous
Publisher: Phoenix Ware
System: Gameboy Color
Media: Cartridge

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Phoenix Ware in association with Tedtous are delighted to present our second PREMIUM release in The First project! It’s the end of 21st century and the Earth is no longer a hospitable environment. Global warming has escalated beyond the point of no return and humanity has had to take refuge in The Vault – a massive network of space stations designed to house the remaining world population.

ReWild, a leading BioTech company with advance technology to extract DNA from any living creature, has been charged with the responsibility of feeding the people living in The Vault by cloning animals that have become or about to become extinct.

Dan Lane, ReWild’s Chief DNA Engineer, is on Earth out on a rudimentary mission to scan species before their extinction when he comes across something that will change his life forever…

The game contains the following items:

• The First Project(On Cartridge).

• Full Colour inlay.

• Quality Plastic Moulded case.

•Instruction Manual


*** CREDITS: ***

Programmed by Tedtous

Music by Grizzly COGS

Packaging Artwork by

Additional Packaging Design by Darren Doyle
Released in 2022 by

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