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Developer: Second Dimension
Publisher: Second Dimension
Distributed: Phoenix Ware
System: Sega Megadrive
Media: Cartridge

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Phoenix Ware, in partnership with Second Dimension, is pleased to announce a limited run physical cartridge release of Handy Harvy for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis console.

This Phoenix Ware release of Handy Harvy comes with a new reversible insert sleeve for the clamshell case. One side of the cover sleeve features a PAL design while the other side is an NTSC design – allowing you to choose the design that will seamlessly fit the game to your existing collection.

Handy Harvy is an arcade action game that draws inspiration from titles such as Fix-It-Felix Jr, Donkey Kong and Wrecking Crew but takes the action all the way to the next level!

Help Harvy save his girlfriend Leah and the Westspring Manor complex from the neighbourhood punk Rusty. Climb your way up the building – repairing damaged windows with your extra strength mystical duct tape while dodging the kettle bells and bombs thrown down at you. Get all the way to the rooftop before time runs out to show Rusty who’s the boss and release Leah from capture.

Hand Harvy features:

* 2 player co-op mode
* High quality graphics and animations
* In game cut scenes
* Multiple tunes soundtrack
* Game statistics
* Award achievements saved to the cartridge SRAM

For more amazing games from Second Dimension please visit their ONLINE STORE!


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